Ruf Telematik, the Ruf Group’s telematics division, develops and implements passenger information systems for public passenger transportation. On railroads, in streetcars, buses, stations and at stopping points – Ruf Telematik provides innovative customized solutions for every area.

Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Ruf is a leading manufacturer of ICT solutions in public transport. The company’s focal point of activities lies in the development, realization and maintenance of complete system solutions for trains, metros, trams and stations. Ruf Telematik’s solution VisiWeb is in daily operation in over 2,000 vehicles worldwide.



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VisiWeb, everything from a single source

Ruf’s services incorporate an exact analysis of customer requirements, the creation of a functional specification, efficient project management during the implementation phase, commissioning, and thorough training.

With the VisiWeb system solutions, the customer also gets the appropriate service package for long-term, reliable operation up front. This guarantees updates, maintenance, support, training, and rapid response in the event of a malfunction.

VisiWeb stands for an integrated complete system for visual and audible passenger information, video monitoring, infotainment, passenger counting systems, and emergency communication systems both in trains and buses and at stops and stations.

VisiWeb is based on digital technology and features a modular design, enabling it to be adapted to the wide range of requirements that operators and vehicle manufacturers have in terms of functionality and scope. The product portfolio includes on-board computers, control panels and displays in the driver’s cab, screens, acoustic components, emergency and information intercom systems, passenger counting systems, video monitoring, and transmission technology for mobile vehicle connection.

The system range is rounded off by software for staff training, schedule compilation, and video analysis. All of the system components communicate via Industrial Ethernet and are designed for the demanding requirements prescribed in railway operations. The complete solution also includes the VisiWeb DataHub, which coordinates data flow between subsystems as a data management software tool.

VisiWeb, the modular passenger information solution for public transport stands for:

Visual and acoustic Passenger Information

  • Infotainment
  • Video Surveillance
  • Passenger Communication
  • Data Management


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VisiWeb for Vehicles


Ruf Telematik is a well-known supplier of complete solutions in the field of passenger information and passenger safety for rail vehicles. Its VisiWeb product range includes the following main components:

  • PIS process computer with operator terminals
  • System-internal and external communication (Ethernet topology, PoE switch, LAN, WLAN, GPRS, IBIS, UIC, etc.)
  • Acoustic systems
  • Display systems
  • LED and LCD line displays
  • TFT monitors
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Emergency intercom and information systems
  • Passenger counting systems
  • Seat reservation systems
  • Infotainment systems

The VisiWeb product range is a proprietary Ruf Telematik product. The VisiWeb PIS system has proven its worth in numerous installations with regards to functionality and stability. The Ruf VisiWeb PIS system is in operation on more than 2,000 vehicles all over the world. Many years of experience in the field of passenger information and safety enable the company to offer high quality support and advice to customers from quotation through to project delivery, handover and beyond. The Ruf Group has certification to ISO 9001 and is currently working towards IRIS certification.

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VisiWeb DataHub

With expansion of capacities and complexity within the public transportation, data flow in the information systems involved are dramatically increasing. Today’s demand for mobile, real-time information calls for advanced technology in order to provide this necessity. Passengers are used to receiving this information such as timetable and route data on their mobile devices and PCs online and in real-time.

For operator’s, timetable planning and evaluation of statistical route and diagnostic data are priority number one. Ruf’s VisiWeb DataHub allows operators to conveniently take control of their central data management and data flow.

Key features of the VisiWeb DataHub are:

    • The high modularity and flexibility of the VisiWeb solution allow the system to be perfectly integrated into existing system configurations.
    • The latest in resource-efficient IT technologies are harnessed to connect to the control unit under the most critical time constraints.
    • The system solution from Ruf offers various standard interfaces for peripheral systems which are compliant with agreements currently in force, such as VDV 453 and the HAFAS raw data format.
    • Thanks to its high modularity and flexibility, the system solution from Ruf can be adapted to changing operational requirements even after commissioning. In this way, Ruf is able to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the system.
    • Both the control unit and the components located outdoors or in vehicles can be easily maintained thanks to a coordinated servicing concept. Almost all VisiWeb components support remote maintenance access, significantly reducing maintenance costs.
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VisiWeb for Stations

It is becoming increasingly important to provide passengers with information in the central areas of a station, on platforms, and at stops. Passengers should be given comprehensive yet specific information when starting a journey and changing trains.These fundamental elements offered by the data hub are what makes it possible to set up real-time information systems that guide passengers in the right direction, at the right time, and to the right mode of transport.The following output media can be used:

        • Audio systems at stations and stops
        • Indicators at stations and stops
        • Mobile devices
        • Web pages

The benefits of a VisiWeb passenger information system at a glance:

        • Ideal service for passengers
        • Ease of operation thanks to real-time data
        • Standards make it easier to integrate existing systems
        • Planning, commissioning, and maintenance from a single source
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