United Rail specializes in rail technology systems and products that are both developed in-house as well as sourced internationally through our partnership and representative relationships. Our team works in partnership with Ultra-Tech Enterprise to develop Sentinel Solutions,  and represents Ganser CRS, Wolber Antriebstechnik, EKE Electronics, Vaber Industriale and other European Rail Technology providers in North America to bring value and technology to the railroad transportation industry.

What we provide:

Consulting Services:

United Rail provides consulting services to companies looking for assistance with Buy America, local manufacturing, mergers and acquisitions, project management & management consulting. We can also support consulting services to assist new foreign rail suppliers in project and market development support using the leadership of United Rail and their long history of international rail business both in the US and abroad.

Our services include:

Market research

Form of business


Technical support

Business Administration

To learn more about Rail Technology Systems and Products Development, please contact us.