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    Prover provides software automation solutions that increase the capacity for delivering software for new and more complex digital train control, and meeting demand on improved safety for today’s more complex digital rail control. At Prover Technology we are committed doing our part to contribute to a sustainable and safe world. We provide solutions for the engineering of safety critical systems that control trains, signals and switches.
    Prover provides solutions for interlocking design automation that radically reduce time to market for commissioning of train control systems, with improved safety
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Prover Trident – A Complete Process

Prover Trident is a complete process and tool suite for interlocking design automation.

    Based on signaling principles defined as formal requirements (PiSPEC IP), specific applications are configured, generated and checked using the Prover iLock tool suite. Safety evidence for the revenue service software is based on mathematical proof, generated with the independent sign-off verification tool Prover Certifier.
  • PiSPEC IP: Defining the signaling principles
  • Prover iLock: Development of specific systems based on principles
  • Prover Certifier: Sign-off verification of of specific systems
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PiSPEC – A formal language

Software for tomorrow

    PiSPEC builds on standard concepts that are taught in engineering classes all over the world. It originates from predicate logic, enhanced with a strict type system and object orientation. You can express requirements in a natural way, thus simplifying validation and maintenance. Care has been taken to make language features self-explanatory. PiSPEC IP can also be structured into libraries that further facilitates reuse.
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Prover iLock- A desktop tool for producing fully documented, tested and verified application software for railway interlocking systems
  • Turn instantiated requirements into revenue service code
  • Formally verify code meets the safety requirements.
  • Test functionality using simulation.
  • Document the application and produce test instructions for installation testing.


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Prover Certifier – Sign-off verification tool
    • Only sign-off verification tool on the market that allows you to automatically produce complete safety evidence for CENELEC EN50128 SIL 4 certification using formal verification. With the Prover Certifier there is no need to perform extensive code reviews and/or safety testing. Saving both time and money, while minimizing the risk of human error.


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