Amberg Rail

Amberg Technologies; the leader in tunnel, rail and seismic products and services for over 35 years introduces Amberg Rail, the new comprehensive total solution in railway surveying. Amberg Rail is a modular mobile surveying solution that measures, analyzes and records various aspects of the track and any surrounding assets. Providing the end user with the information for safe and economical operations on their railway network.
Comprehensive infrastructure asset management, reliable quality control in the construction process as well as knowledge of the condition and requirements of the rail network: these are important elements for a reliable and efficient transport infrastructure.

Why Amberg Rail?

  • Complete integration into the construction and maintenance process, from planning to data acquisition, direct data presentation and result output
  • Tough, field-tested hardware that performs in the harshest environments
  • Robust, high-precision measuring sensors for acquiring measurements
  • Modular components for site-specific projects
  • Proven software with the newest technology
  • Cost effective due to the modular design
  • Local, responsive support
  • Swiss precision and expertise

Optimized to meet your needs

  • Central data management for project and measurement information
  • Track alignment data derived from a track layout plan or digital track database
  • Database for static and dynamic clearance envelopes
  • Track deviation values either in real-time or as correction data (e.g. for tamping machines)
  • Powerful data editors for detailed analysis and extensive correction data preparation
  • High resolution clearance analysis based on point cloud data
  • Flexible data reporting and export engine according to the customer’s needs
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Universal system solution configurable for user-specific applications

    The Amberg GRP System FX trolley is the proven universal system for acquiring precise track geometry and track environment data. Thanks to the robust modular design, the surveying system can be optimally adapted to suit project-specific requirements. Easy to assemble and disassemble, the GRP System FX can be quickly setup and ready to use in under 15 minutes.

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Amberg Survey – Map your line

Highly efficient system for as-built survey of existing railway lines for documentation and future planning

  • Comprehensive, line-dedicated project data management as a basis for structural inventory surveys, data processing and data transfer
  • Convenient project interface for preparation of efficient and easy practical fieldwork
  • Powerful acquisition of as-built track coordinates and other track parameters such as gauge, super elevation, twist and versines
  • Economic data evaluation thanks to automatic analysis and merging of several measurement sections
  • Amberg Survey is an integral part of the application modules Slab Track, Tamping and Clearance

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Measurement System

  • Choose between a geodetic 3D (TPS/GPS) and long-chord measurement methods
  • Select the right system configuration depending on your accuracy and management performance needs
  • Measure single objects near the track for additional documentation
  • Assign codes and comments to track measurement points of special interest
  • System configuration: GRP 1000 / IMS 1000 / IMS 3000

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  • Automatic merging of different track measurement sections by user-defined rules
  • Comprehensive options for analysis of the as-built track based on numerical and graphical data representation
  • Powerful reporting and export engine supports many different formats and interfaces

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Amberg Tamping – The perfect track

High performance system solution for track alignment data or control-point-based tamping survey

  • Identify track position errors as a basis for construction and maintenance of ballast track
  • Wide range of design data definition possibilities (absolute/relative alignment) including various interfaces for import and export data
  • Interactive correction data preparation for all current tamping machines (e.g. Plasser & Theurer, Harsco, Matisa)
  • Comprehensive reporting of track alignment and control point data
  • Integrated control point surveying as a stand-alone option

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Measurement System

  • Geodetic 3D survey mode for high precision and reliability in track surveying
  • Unique long chord measurement mode with the highest measurement performance optimized for typical railway surveying conditions
  • Emphasize track locations of special interest for the tamping run using the marker function
  • Check certain track measurement parameters in real time during the data acquisition
  • System configuration: GRP 1000 / GRP 3000 / VMS 1000 / VMS 3000 / IMS 1000 / IMS 3000

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  • Hierarchic and efficient management of design and survey data for handling changing track conditions during the project
  • User defined merging of several measurement sections including a manageable way to control overlapping track sections
  • Powerful tamping data editor for intuitive and semi-automated correction data preparation
  • Track Geometry Record (TGR) software as an additional tool for added detailed analysis of track conditions

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Amberg Slab Track – 200+ mph? No problem!

Integrated surveying solution optimized for the typical requirements during construction, monitoring and maintenance of slab track lines

  • High precision systems optimally support the different slab track stages
  • Real time display of correction values for direct adjustment of track position and height
  • Interactive tie/sleeper-based correction data preparation
  • Acceptance mode for proper documentation of final track position
  • Comprehensive numerical and graphical reporting documentation for contractors

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Measurement System

  • High precision geodetic 3D survey mode for construction, fine adjustments and acceptance
  • High speed, long chord mode optimized for routine maintenance of existing slab track lines
  • Long chord mode supports Single CP mode for highest performance and Multi CP mode for highest reliability
  • System configuration: GRP 1000 / IMS 1000 / IMS 3000

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  • Simple management of project data including the ability to control evolving design data states
  • Sophisticated editor for interactive correction data preparation for each tie/sleeper
  • Export of a track correction list according to construction requirements
  • Creation of required documentation of the final as-built slab track

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Amberg Clearance – Fast and conclusive clearance assessments with real time results

Modular system solution for manual and automatic clearance survey including sophisticated engine for static and dynamic clearance analysis

  • One software package with scalable functionality (Basic and Plus)
  • Powerful management of project data including static and dynamic clearance models
  • Comprehensive and high resolution data acquisition to detect every potentially critical object
  • Clearance analysis results in real time
  • Powerful evaluation, analysis, reporting and exporting tools optimized for typical requirements

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Measurement System

  • Scalable measurement system from quick and easy single object point measurement to high resolution scanning
  • Data acquisition in relative or absolute mode
  • Display of relevant clearance information in real time on measurement screen
  • System configuration: GRP 3000 / GRP 5000 / IMS 5000

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    • Management of user-defined static clearance models or integrated dynamic clearance models
    • Post processing of high resolution clearance results for complete point clouds
    • Clearance map for detailed documentation of clearance encroachments over a complete section of track
    • Various report and export formats including profile and point cloud data

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Swiss precision and expertise

Whether it’s a high-speed slab track line in the Northeast Corridor, a ballast track in the Midwest or a subway tunnel in New York: construction and maintenance projects of these railway lines are the ideal candidates for the high quality, precision and efficient railway surveying systems from Amberg Technologies.

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Amberg Rail – Railway surveying for professionals


  • First-class before and after sales with support in the United States and Canada
  • Hardware and software service offered based on the client’s needs
  • Customer specific solutions for specialized requirements


  • Robust hardware design and intuitive software for optimized workflow in different surveying applications
  • Lean integration of the surveying process within the given construction progression
  • Fast workflow ensures minimal track time and safe operation


  • Simple and modular hardware and software concepts
  • Support of various surveying methods according to project requirements
  • The right system for every class of accuracy required


  • One system solution for all relevant railway surveying applications
  • Different software modules for various work tasks
  • Several hardware configurations for optimal data acquisition on specific project requirements
  • Start-to-end data flow from project data import to data acquisition, analysis, presentation, reporting and exporting files
  • Presentation of final results optimized for each application

Swiss quality

  • Traditional Swiss quality and reliability
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Highest measurement precision and reliability thanks to quality assurance programs
  • Long service life due to robust system design

Amberg Technologies has developed specialized system solutions for the infrastructure industry for more than 35 years. The resulting unique combination of system development expertise and industry know-how, delivers measurement systems characterized by percision instruments, practical system design and powerful software. Amberg Technologies’ solutions have gained worldwide recognition and trust within the industry network.

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